What is Personal Style? (H&M x Bloglovin)

Personal Style is wearing what makes you feel unapologetically you. You feel comfortable, you feel your best & your style is a direct reflection of you.

Tips on Personal Style

1. Avoid shopping for the same item – I’ve been a victim of this! Sometimes while shopping, I pick up something EXACTLY the same as what I’m wearing. To maximize your wardrobe, make sure to buy pieces that are you, but not the same thing that’s already hanging in your closet.

2. Avoid shopping for the same color – Some people have a favorite color that they LOVE. This is great in moderation. If you love purple, by all means, buy items in purple, just be aware of your skewed taste and adjust accordingly. Every now and then, buy the item you like in a different color.

3. Try on different sizes – Sizes vary greatly from store to store. This weekend, I went to H&M and purchased something in a size 8. Shortly after, I went to Express and fit in a size 2. Different styles may also fit differently or you may want to wear something more fitted or lose. Trying on two sizes helps so you can compare fits.

4. Just try it on! – Sometimes we see something on a hanger but feel like we can’t pull it off or it’s too bold of a look. Just try it on! I think this is the best advice since we as women become so self conscience of our bodies which leads to being self conscience of our clothing. You may try something on and laugh at how hideous it looks or it could be just what you needed to feel confident and beautiful in a new trend.

5. Let go of your rules – I know way too many women that only wear things in dark colors in fear of looking bigger. Some people are self conscious of their legs or arms. These things can stick with you your entire life and you may not even realize it. Know your strengths and weaknesses but try to let go of your rules.

Sometimes, all it takes is being aware of the boundaries we create for ourselves to allow growth and change.

Now with your new tips, get out there and play around with your personal style.

If you have any questions please comment below or message me!
Xo, Ari

H&M Dress – past season

Circus by Sam Edelman Reily Over the Knee Boot – $69.94

DSC09665 DSC09687 DSC09776 DSC09845 DSC09865 DSC09923 DSC09986





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    1. Ari

      Thank you! I used Ion Semi Brilliance in Aqua (purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply) if you’re looking to achieve the same color. I’ll definitely drop by your page 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Xo

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