Trending Now: Off the Shoulder & Embroidered Denim

Off the shoulder tops have been trending for a couple seasons now and they are not going away. I had to pull my strapless bra out of the back of my dresser for this top! There are so many different styles and silhouettes to pick from. While there are a to of different styles, I suggest going with something with a nice ruffle at the top which should be the focal point. Many of these tops have additional bell sleeves, or a voluminous body but I feel simple is the best option. You’ll get more wears since it;s only encompassing one trend.

Off the Shoulder Tops are flattering because EVERYONE has beautiful shoulders. It’s one part of your body that doesn’t carry a lot of fat and it also brings attention to your beautiful face! I call that a win win my friends. While there are off the shoulder tops that are fitted, they look great with a body skimming silhouette like the one I’m wearing. Here are some different options that you may fancy

Off the shoulder tops pair nicely with a pair of jeans. With this simple top, I could have gone with a skinny pant, a wide leg, even a bell bottom! Since the top hits me at my waist (smallest part of my body, you can play around with the rest of the silhouette as long as the pants also hit the natural waist or just below it. I would avoid anything low rise but I don’t think anyone is wearing low rise in this day and age?
Moving on to the second half of my outfit are these denim embroidered jeans. While I assume I won’t get a ton of wears out of them, I just fell in love with the colors of the embroidery. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of embroidery with snakes and florals with red accents (thanks to the wonderful Gucci) but I liked the softness of the pinks and the asian inspired embroidery. I also liked the vintage feel of the denim with the mom jean silhouette and the vintage wash. My boyfriend actually thought they were thrifted! Which actually isn’t a surprise since  95% of my closet is thrifted. 
The embroidered denim doesn’t stop at jeans. You’ll find embroidery on jackets, tops, dresses and even accessories like purses.

Here are some denim jacket options:

Here are some embroidered denim jean options:

Here are some embroidered denim tops options:

Here are some embroidered denim purses:

Do you own either of these trends? 

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