The One Denim Must Have for Fall 2016

Denim was just named THE fabric of California by the California Legislature on September 1, 2016.  Women own on average, seven pairs of jeans. This season, we’re seeing denim jackets, denim pants, denim shirts, denim dresses and even denim shoes and accessories. I am absolutely loving this trend. Since denim is a casual fabric, you can be comfortable and on trend. I don’t think there is anything better than that.


If you need to pick one denim piece this fall, go with the oversized denim jacket. There are so many different styles to pick from. I have two current favorites that are in rotation in my closet. One is a dropped sleeve jacket and the other is a distressed jacket.


Distressed Denim Options:


When opting for a distressed jacket, go for something with subtle distress. I would also opt for a neutral denim color from a light to medium wash. Also, you can go up a size if you want to emphasize the oversized look.


I am wearing:  Drop Shoulder Jacket – $27.99 You can also get 60% off your first order!


Some other items if you want to take the trend even further:

    1. Denim Choker


  • Denim Shoes



  • Denim Purse



  • Denim Overalls



  • Denim Dress



  • Denim Shirt



Like all trends, I wouldn’t go overboard unless that’s what you’re going for. But who am I to talk? 🙂


Denim, Denim… and More Denim


Do you own a denim jacket?

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