How Sustainable is Reformation? | Reformation Review

On Earth Day, I had the pleasure to tour Reformation’s factory to get a better understanding of how their business works. Reformation is known as a fast fashion sustainable company. I wanted to find out exactly what they do to make their business sustainable. Here are some of the facts Yael Afalo mentioned:

  • 80% of their clothing is made in Los Angeles
  • They have their own sewing factory where the workers are offered ESL classes and classes to learn how to become US Citizens
  • They have a vintage room where they sell reworked items
  • They have a denim collection that they are trying to make more sustainable by using less cotton
  • The fabric scraps that are not used get sold as shotty and reused as insulation

Each item on their website has a Refscale where they mention the carbon, water and waste used to make the garment and what the industry average is. While they aren’t completely sustainable, they believe that with grown and money, they can continue in that direction. They also use fabrics like Tencel which is the brand name of Lyocell, like Kleenex is the brand name for tissues. Lyocell is regenerated from wood pulp similar to rayon and and bamboo but its grown sustainably. Some of the other fabrics they use are model, viscose certified by Oeko-Tex 100 and alpaca wool.

Denim Fact Check

I did some research on their website to get a better understanding of what they sell and I did find denim shorts that had a blend of fibers like Yael explained where they try and use less cotton to make their denim more sustainable. They used 51% cotton, 43% tencel, 2% spandex and 4% lycra T400 like these denim shorts below.

They also had denim jackets, like the one below, made out of repurposed vintage denim. This means they take an existing garment and repurpose it into the garment they want.

There were also denim shorts and jeans like the ones below made out of surplus fabric. Surplus fabric means a manufacturer overestimated the quantity of fabric they needed and want to sell the remaining fabric.

Using surplus fabric is good for the environment since this fabric could go to waste if not used.


Reformation has a huge following because of their sustainable approach to fashion. They are the future of fashion and if they stick to their business model I see them growing to one of the top retails. It seems like this is just the beginning for them and one day they will be able to call themselves completely sustainable.

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