Trending Now | How to Style Bell Sleeves

Every week I’ll be featuring a new trend on the blog. You be the judge whether the trend is going to make it into your closet. This is to inspire you and to help you find out your own personal style! 

This week’s trending style is the bell sleeve! Bell sleeves are fun since they add volume to the lower half of the arm and provide flounce giving your outfit a different silhouette. I found this cropped bell sleeve lace number at Goodwill with the tags still on. Score! I wanted to go for a monochromatic outfit but played with textures by mixing the lace print with a little bit of faux fur.

How to Style Bell Sleeves

  • Think about your silhouette. You’re adding volume to the sleeves so you don’t want to wear anything too voluminous on the bottom half of your body. Stay away from a big voluminous skirt or baggy pants.
  • The bell sleeve top can be paired with shorts or pants but I suggest keeping them fitted. If you find a bell sleeve dress, it actually doesn’t even need to be fitted at all. Think of a nice boho vibe even if it’s an A line or tent shape!
  • Stick to slinkier fabrics even if the silhouette isn’t form fitting. Stay away from thick or heavy fabrics. 

    Are bell sleeves going to make their way into your closet? 



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