Nut Find 3 Tracker Review

Have you ever been scrambling to get out the door but can’t find your keys? Or you drive off to work but feel like you left your phone at home? What about your significant other drove the car last and you can’t figure out where s/he left the keys?  The Nut Find 3 Tracker is a bluetooth tracker which connects to your phone through a free app. It’s easy to pair the device to your phone and you are able to track up to 6 different Nut’s at a time. The Nut Find 3 works both ways so you’re also able to find your phone by pushing the Nut Find 3.

Scenario 1: You can’t find your keys. Open the Nut app on your phone and tap the Nut labeled Key. The Nut connected to your keys will let off a sound. Follow the loud alarm till you find your keys.

Scenario 2: You just left your house and you’re not sure you have your phone on you. The Nut Find 3 has an instant range alert. That means once the Nut and phone separate and lose connection, an alarm on will go off on both. This means never leaving something behind. If you don’t want the instant range alert to go off, you can create silent zones within the app.

Scenario 3: The remote is missing. Again. The Nut Find 3 is perfect to put on a remote since it is often misplaced between a seat cushion, under the couch or underneath a pile of magazines. Use your phone to sound the alarm on the Nut and you’ve found your remote.

Scenario 4: You went out drinking last night and you wake up without your wallet. Declare your item lost within the app. All of the active Nut users will scan their area to find your missing Nut. When it’s found, it will anonymously notify you of its location.
The Nut Find 3 Tracker can be put on anything but some of the most common are your keys, purse or wallet. If you travel often, the Nut Find 3 Tracker can be used on your luggage or passport as well. It comes with a lanyard which can easily attach to anything. The Nut Find 3 Tracker is really a tool to help provide you with a peace of mind knowing that if you do misplace something, you have a way of finding it that doesn’t involve hours of searching.

The Nut Find 3 Tracker comes in different colors and has a modern design which is a nice touch to a tech product.

I recommend the Nut Find 3 Tracker to anyone that is prone to forgetting things and/or anyone that worries about misplacing things.

Just today, I drove my boyfriend to work and forgot my backpack with all my work I needed to do at home. If only I had a Nut on my backpack, not just my purse, I would have been alerted that I forgot it!

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