Monday Motivation: Setting Obtainable Goals | Living a Happier and Fulfilling Life

Setting goals and keeping them can be a challenge so lets create obtainable goals that are quantifiable and doable. The first of the month is a great day to reflect on the prior month and make some goals for the following month. Reflecting is so important because our lives can become a repetitive cycle where we live the same day, week and month over and over again. Our lives shouldn’t be automated. We should be feeling new things, be inspired and creating a happier life every day. Lets set some new goals for this month and become more present in our daily lives.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  1. What did I enjoy the most last month?
  2. When was I the happiest?
  3. What would I want to do differently?
  4. What caused me to stress?

Now that you have an idea of what you want to change, it’s time to set some obtainable goals. These goals can be personal or professional goals. I found that for me, relationships are really important and provide me with happiness when I can connect with others. I like to make small goals such as calling my grandma at least once a month to check in with her and see how shes doing. I kill two birds with one stone catching up with a friend and go on a beautiful morning hike together. Having a happier, more present life means taking a step back and realizing what gives you that feeling of being alive. It’s a constant journey that is always changing and evolving while you find new passions.

To help you thing of some changes and goals you want for this month, here are some of the things that have changed for me this year.
My Past Goals
  1. I’ve seen my grandma 3x this year so far in 4 months when I typically see here 2x a year.
  2. I started to practice yoga to help calm my mind and become more centered.
  3. I started reading and have read 4 books this year.
  4. I have been consistently thrifting to get a better understanding of construction, brands and fit
  5. I’ve worked with 5+ brands this year collaborating with my blog/instagram/youtube.

Now that you have a better understanding of your goals, lets make them action items.

One of my goals for this month is to be more active and healthy. I want to hike more, practice yoga and eat more vegetables. Now, to make these obtainable goals, I broke out being more active into smaller quantifiable goals.

Quantifiable Goals
Hike 2x/wk
Yoga 3x/wk
Eat vegetables with at least 2 meals/day

These goals are specific. I know at the beginning of the week to schedule two hikes, three yoga sessions and I have a specific goal each day to eat more vegetables. Now that I have quantifiable goals, I can hold myself accountable. At the end of the month, I can reflect and see if I met my goals.

Once these goals become a habit, it takes a lot less work and becomes automatic. Lets make some positive changes and become happier together. 🙂


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