How to Wear a Jumpsuit Xx

A great dress alternative for any occasion is a fabulous jumpsuit. There are so many different styles and cuts that you can always find something flattering for your body shape.

I went with a strapless super wide leg pant in a soft pale pink for a chic sophisticated vibe. I paired it with a statement necklace and platform shoes.

Jumpsuits should be form fitting on top to balance out the lower half and definitely have an emphasized waste. Here are some of my favorite picks. Click for details.


Jumpsuits Tips & Tricks

1. Have fun with the neckline! Since there is so much leg coverage, go for a plunging neckline if you dare.

2. If you go with a wide leg, wear high heels to make your legs appear even longer.

3. If you go for a narrower pant leg, chose a strappy shoe. A chunky wedge could overwhelm the jumpsuit. Proceed with caution.

4. Necklaces are great in balancing out the bottom heavy fabric of jumpsuits.

5. Belts go great with jumpsuits to help emphasize the waist and break out the proportions.

6. A cotton fabric will give more of a casual vibe where a silky fabric will be more of a dressy vibe. Understand the fabric you’re working with.

Jumpsuits can be flattering on everybody. Don’t know where to start? Message me for some guidance!

Xo, Ari

I’m wearing a Forever 21 Jumpsuit – $39.90 (purchased in store, currently not available online)

Necklace is from H&M (no longer available online)

Shoes from Public Desire – Jessi White Cleated Sole Platform Shoe – $57.37

DSC01011 DSC01021DSC01051DSC01030 DSC01176 DSC01173 DSC01178 DSC01206 DSC01303 DSC01313 DSC01325


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