Thrifting Tips for Beginners!

Thrift stores are a place where people donate their items that they no longer want. While many of these items may be worn down, ill fitting, or out of trend, there is still a great chance of scoring something you want. Here’s a statistic to help you understand the reality of the clothing industry. More than 150 billion garments are produced annually, enough to provide 20 new garments to every person on the planet, every year. So what does this mean for thrifters? There is an endless supply of clothing in thrift stores (Statistic found here).

Going thrifting can be overwhelming but there are some key things you should know before you step foot into the store.

  1. Know what you’re looking for: Just like going to the grocery store with a grocery list, you should always have a mental (or written) list of what you hope to find.
  2. Research your thrift stores: Certain thrift stores carry certain brands over others so it’s important to try out a few and find your favorite. I find that the thrift stores in nicer areas tend to carry better items but I’ve found some of my favorites in the most unexpected places.
  3. Steer clear of trendy resale stores since you’ll pay a premium. Some of these include Wasteland, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads.
  4. Avoid anything over worn. Check the armpits and crotch areas to see how worn the garment is. You can also tell if there is any piling (little fuzzy balls) or color loss (faded garments).
  5. Try it on! The best strategy is to grab anything that catches your eye and try it on. I also shop in a tank top and leggings in case people are hogging the dressing rooms so I can try things on over my clothes.
  6. Google a brand to see what retail prices that piece go for. This is a nice way to see what the resale value for something is. I love that with the Poshmark app, you can sort by whats sold (instead of what people have listed) so you can get a true value of what something is reselling.

Check out my first Thrift Haul video to help give you some inspiration for your next thrift outing!

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