My Feature on the FIDM Blog | Landing an Internship at Fabletics

Ari  Mann is studying Merchandise Product Development on the Los Angeles campus. She has a prior degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, and she recently participated in the Fashion Disruptors Tour where she scored an internship at Fabletics.

Tell us about the study tour: It was a sneak peek into nine companies disrupting the fashion industry and thriving in the new era of e-commerce and social media. The buzzword all around town was omni channel, which is the integration of different methods of shopping available to customers, like brick and mortar stores and online. We became acquainted with the different company cultures and learned how these companies have remained successful in the changing market. We were also introduced to the different types of jobs we could pursue after graduation.

What was your favorite moment on the study tour? It’s a toss up with the Fabletics visit and the dinner. While the Fabletics tour was very informative (and I was also able to score an internship!) the dinner really made me appreciate Jeanne Colliau, Alex Bruzzese and Eva Gilbert for the work that they put in to make the study tour possible. It was also great to have a chance to get to know some of the other students and their background. The Avery Dennison visit was also really great since they have such innovative products. Honestly, the entire tour was so informative and beneficial.

Tell us something you learned on the tour: I learned that omni channel is what every company is striving toward and that the online presence of a brand matters more now then ever. I also learned that networking is the most important and effective way to get a job, and the study tour gave me the opportunity to do just that.

Any advice given that you plan to follow? Mari Popovics at Fabletics said to always ask questions. This is definitely something I plan on following. A variety of people also suggested getting internships as soon as possible. I’m proud to say I’ll be interning at Fabletics this quarter.

Will you be networking with anyone you met? There are plenty of people with whom I plan on networking. This includes the FIDM staff like the people I mentioned above, other students I met like Taylor and Jordan, and employees at the companies we visited like Jeff Brumley from Fabletics and Chloe Polano at Hot Topic.

Tell us a little about yourself: I have a prior degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance so numbers are sort of my thing. I’m a Fashion Blogger that goes by Arisgold. I love thrifting, hiking and socializing. I love to learn, which is why FIDM has been such a great place for me. I highly recommend reading, “The End of Fashion,” by Teri Agins, and reading articles on There is never a shortage of news in the ever changing world of fashion!

How did you choose your major? I wanted to learn the entire process from design to completed goods to sales. Merchandise Product Development gives you an entire overview and gives you a variety of careers to enter after graduating.

Favorite class? I really enjoyed Trend and Design with Mina Rafael, but my favorite class was Fabric ID with Deborah Young. Learning about the different fabrics and actually understanding what made each one different felt like a huge accomplishment.

What are your career goals? My goal is to work at a firm where I can do what I love surrounded by great people. FIDM is providing me with the education and the networking to get me into the right fashion company. Maybe one day I’ll be the Vice President of Merchandising at a big company. Who know 🙂


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