Buyers Remorse: Why You Should Be Comfortable Returning Products

Returning items you’ve purchased in the past can be uncomfortable. I was one of those people. I always felt like¬†returning something was frowned upon. The thing is, the only thing that matters is that you purchased something that you no longer want any more. There’s a reason why companies have a return policy. If you changed your mind and don’t want something anymore, you have the right to return it. Sometimes we call this buyers remorse. You also won’t end up with things you aren’t going to use or need. Lets go over some reasons why you’d want to return something.

Reasons to Return

  1. The fit is poor
  2. You haven’t worn/used it in weeks
  3. You’ve tried it on several times but never actually wear it out
  4. It doesn’t go well with the rest of your wardrobe/things
  5. It was an impulse buy
  6. Now that you have it, it’s not bringing you any joy
  7. It’s just hanging in your closet with the tags on
  8. You can’t really afford it
  9. It was on sale
  10. You’re feeling buyers remorse

Any reason is a reason. Instead of having it clutter your home, grab your receipt, put it in a bag and the next time you’re running errands, return it.

Here are some scenarios where I use utilize the return policy:

  1. Makeup. This is a category where you NEED to return things that you don’t want. The great thing about stores like Ulta and Sephora is that you can use the items and still get a refund. If you buy a new lipstick and find out you don’t love the shade, return it. This goes for all makeup ¬†or skincare products.
  2. Clothing: Trying on clothes in a dressing room sometimes isn’t enough. Once we get home, we get to dive a little deeper into our purchase. Clothing is very difficult to purchase and there are so many reason why we DON’T end up wearing something. There are too many reasons to list but here are a couple: poor fit, wrong color, doesn’t go with the rest of your wardrobe, too trendy, no occasion to wear it to.
  3. Big Purchase Item: Sometimes, we over indulge and purchase something expensive. Whether it was the store associate encouraging you to buy it or you were having a bad day and used the purchase as retail therapy, you no longer want it. This is often felt immediately; buyers remorse.
  4. You don’t need it. Money can burn a hole in our pockets. Sometimes, we just want to spend it and end up buying things we don’t need. Whatever reason it may be, you come to realize that you don’t need it anymore.
  5. You already have it. Lets say you buy a new pair of black leather booties that are exactly your style. You go home and realize you have three other pairs just like it. You really don’t need a fourth pair even if its just a little different.
  6. It was on sale. Sales get everyone to buy. Its a marketing thing. We get excited thinking we are saving money (by spending it!) and but things we don’t really want.

I challenge you to embrace the power of returning products so you don’t end up with items inside your home that you don’t use. Saving money is a huge bonus when you learn that not every purchase has to stick.

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