Back-to-School Rebel Schoolgirl Outfit

In honor of my first day back to school, I wanted to do a post on one of my favorite styles, the Rebel Schoolgirl. There’s something about mixing soft pieces with hard pieces that create the perfect outfit.


School Girl Pieces:

  1. Plaid Skirt – Here are several different options. I prefer a high fitted waist that flares out to give a nice hourglass shape.
2. Thigh High Boots (or socks!)


Rebel Pieces:

1. Motorcycle Jacket
2. Cropped Top


 You can always change up the outfit by swapping the thigh high boot for a knee length boot or wearing a fitted tee instead of a crop top.

dsc07800These thigh high boots are one of my favorites. I purchased them at Ross for $40! They’re Nine West suede boots that are comfortable and cute. I was worried about the zipper along the back getting damaged with use but they’ve help up through several seasons! Bargains are what I live for.

Showing my excitement for my first day of school!

My purple tresses are slowly fading. I’m really excited for the next color I’ll be trying after my best friends wedding. \

Are you more rebel or school girl?

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