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The past few months have been rough for me when it came to my career and future employment. One reason leading to another, I ended up in Entertainment Business Management when I knew my passions lived elsewhere. While this may sound glamorous working for actors, directors and musicians – it wasn’t for me. I felt like my life was getting put inside a mold and let me tell you, I AM NOT ONE TO BE MOLDED. I am an individual, I am unique and I am not just another sheep in the heard. Phew, that felt good to write! Like typical Ari fashion, I decided to dye my hair to express what I was feeling inside, that I was an individual. I didn’t care about other peoples opinions of me and I definitely didn’t care about their judgmental thoughts.

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It’s interesting what your mind can do. We can convince ourselves that everything is fine. We can see things in a positive light and appreciate everything our life has to offer. But at the same time, when do we stop being optimistic, start being realistic and admit that we aren’t happy with our current situation? When do we let go of the fear of change and embrace the next step in our journey? These thoughts to be continued…


My photographer pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone and do a photo shoot on a motorcycle. Now let me tell you, I did not feel comfortable and complained a lot, but boy did that change when I saw the photos! As a blogger, I realized that I confine my work into a square of a mixture of what I think I will look good in, what others think I will look good in and what is the norm for bloggers. It felt so good to see the results of getting outside of that square.


The moral of the story is when you feel like saying no, take a step back and think about why. If you don’t have a solid reason and just a bunch of excuses, its time to step outside of your comfort zone. More often then not, you will surprise yourself.


Things to say YES to

  1. trying a new food (even if you know you won’t like it because you hated it when you were 10)
  2. trying a new restaurant (even if you really really want to go to your fave spot)
  3. wearing a new style of clothing (even though you don’t think you are going to look good in it)
  4. trying a new workout (even though you love spin class and nothing is ever going to be better)

Any suggestions on what I should say YES to next?


Hair dye is from Manic Panic in colors Purple Haze on the top 1/2 and Ultra Violet on the bottom 1/2

Applied on ombre blonde hair


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